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Building Control

Quality Control and Certification of the Planning and Execution of Works

  • Evaluation of correspondence between project planning and current regulations
  • Evaluation of project engineering and construction-site feasibility
  • Evaluation of correspondence between project decisions and functional requirements
  • Evaluation of project decisions in relation to requirements of maintenance and management
  •  Evaluation of appropriate completion of works

Project Control for Validation Purposes

  • Evaluation of standards and of preliminary planning document (as per Article 15 of Italian Presidential Decree 207/2010)
  • Verification and validation of the project (as per Article 26 of Italian Legislative Decree 50/16)
  • Control and monitoring of the work in progress / Project Auditing

Technical Control

  • Subsequent decennial liability policy
  • Energy requirements of the building
  • Passive acoustic requirements of the building

High-level Surveillance

  • Supervision of DL activity
  • Supervision of safety co-ordination operations
  • Assistance on testing
  • Drafting of control and testing plans
  • Evaluation of company quality plan

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