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Since its establishment, CONTECO has contributed to the drafting of laws and regulations in the fields of Technical Building Control and Validation. Conteco's President has provided input to the Commission for the Revision of Technical Regulation UNI 10721 on Technical Control in Execution. Accredited as the first Type A Independent Quality Control Body by ACCREDIA (Registration No. 003/E) in the construction sector, CONTECO operates in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Standard on the conducting of technical verification operations (geared towards the validation of designs and technical building control) in the following sectors:
Building works and general civil engineering and relevant systems, environmental safeguarding and defence, and environmental engineering.

Inspection types:

• Inspections of the design of the works (including, where requested, those inspections conducted in order to issue a validation in accordance with Article 26 of Italian Legislative Decree N°50 of 18.04.2016, the Official Italian Parliamentary Journal of 19.04.2016). or the terms of other applicable legislation and subsequent modifications)
• Inspections on the execution of works (in compliance with the UNI 10721:2012 Standard “Technical Control Surveys on Buildings and civil engineering works”, the applicable laws and the client's specifications).

Industrial plants.
Regarding the Inspection Type:
• Inspection on design buildings (including, when requested, those finalised to the evaluation, according to the art. 26 of Italian Legislative Decree N° 50 of 18.04.2016 or in compliance with other applicable regulations and following modification).

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