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CONTECO is a totally independent, third-party Building Control Body. CONTECO's input is geared towards guaranteeing and certifying the quality and safety of constructions. CONTECO is accredited by ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation Body in Inspection Bodies, recognized by the December 22, 2009) and is recognized by ANIA (National Association of Insurance Companies) for the evaluation and monitoring of technological risks. Internationally, CONTECO is recognised by the leading European insurance companies, and also by the main worldwide re-insurers. CONTECO's experience, credibility, authoritativeness and independence of judgement, along with its flexibility and adaptability, are what make it a market leader.
Since 1994, CONTECO has been operating in the construction, environmental and territorial fields

  • to support public-sector administrative agencies and real-estate developers on everything from the planning of interventions to the management of implemented projects.
  • alongside economic, financial and insurance experts on the evaluation and monitoring of risks
  • in synergy with designers, builders, suppliers and other parties involved in the various phrases of technical decision-making and the validation of those decisions.
    With consummate professionalism, CONTECO retains an unerring focus on the search for excellence. It invests in research, development and training, carrying out control operations using nothing but state-of-the-art, highly effective tools.

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